We’re building an advanced service for self-growth.

We’re building an advanced service for self-growth.

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Enrich the DYL project with your voice.

Enrich the DYL project with your voice.

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Interested in collaboration? So are we. Reach out to the team.

Interested in collaboration? So are we. Reach out to the team.

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Design Your Life

is a startup that aims to help you find yourself,is eager to learn from your input,wants to take the guesswork out of life,



Advanced analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, and personality

Life Planning

Creates manageable steps towards personalized goals

Multiple Options

Offers various levels of services for any budget

Eliminate Guesswork

Build the career & lifestyle of your wildest dreams

Get a Fresh Start

Transform your life into what will make you truly happy

Personal Coaching

Receive personalized guidance from a professional life coach

Service Levels


So maybe you’re a soon to be or recent college grad who is bewildered by the simultaneous overwhelming number of choices for ways to start your career, or maybe you’re not clear how your degree applies in today’s work landscape, or maybe you have no clue about what kind of work you’ll find satisfying, meaningful or god forbid even fun! We’re creating a set of cost-effective tools that will help you navigate the process of getting to know yourself and your priorities better, while exposing you to the best resources we know of that will help you find solutions that map to your priorities and, ultimately, yield a blueprint that you can follow to continue to create your path. You’ll be able to access these tools and use them on your own time, at your own pace, for an investment that won’t break the bank.

DYL Plus

Perhaps you’re like many people we know who have reached mid-career, having achieved your goals and dreams, only to realize that it isn’t all that. You may find yourself disappointed by the trade-offs you’ve chosen to make in pursuit of the formula you thought would lead you to happiness. Maybe you’ve even reached the pinnacle of your career only to find out you are absolutely miserable. You’ve wanted to do a reset, but you haven’t quite known where to begin. With obligations, commitments, trajectories, and even liabilities, you don’t necessarily want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but you DO want to be proactive about pursuing some changes in your lifestyle that will yield greater fulfillment. This service is for you if you want a bit more support in doing the work–more automated tools and periodic sessions with a certified coach who can help you think through some of your choices and bring clarity to your plan.

Concierge Level

You want to make time to take stock of your life, but you’re so busy you can’t see straight. Or perhaps you’re just so miserable that you’re numb to the possibilities that lie ahead to close some doors and open others. You really need companionship through this process and some level of accountability. You’ll get everything above, plus more coaching, and additional services that would save you time and clear space for you to think about what you really want for your life’s next chapter.